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               Expanded Soul
Gabriele Reign
The paradox is: enjoying is wonderful... when it is built & created from a clear, visceral vision.  If not, what we think we most often want lacks much.

Two questions...  Question 1 (in your own voice): 'If how things now, today, are the result of what I've been thinking and imagining for oh, I don't know, let's say just 3 years (or 30+), what was I being? ' [This, making a BIG assumption that you've said this from a place of you having taken 100% responsibility for every fractal of your life. Question 2: 'If I  learn to think and imagine in a different way, what would I be living?' 

Making changes (taking steps toward your aspirations) can be scary and quite intimidating, and sometimes thought of as crazy by those around you who just don't understand your longing to be more. I'm here to help you discover changes are good!

Whether it's about...

  •getting clear on what you really want
  •finally breaking through the ____'s (fill in your blank) in your way
  •ending struggle and feeling better as you move forward
  •refining your Self to create new perceptions (refining the vibrations 
    of those perceptions) that match your aspirations...

​Expanded Soul© is guidance to using the power of your Mind and Heart to build and live the life you've always imagined and promised yourself you would life.

To expand, you let go of what no longer serves you, making the space(s) for higher-level authenticity to live from. Learning to become "Higher-Self Sufficient®" using what you have ~ a powerful mind, a knowing heart ~ you create a life you are 
genuinely proud of and thrilled with.

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” 
~Galileo Galilei
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With Expanded Soul©, you take the steps forward you would love to take, with confidence and trust, to well, really enjoy your life!

The life you imagine for yourself IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE FOR YOU. Repeat in your mind, with feeling
 (as needed)! Just a little calibration and 're-vising' what you imagine can shine a clear light on the next 
chapter of your life.

"There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening, 
that is translated through you  into action. 
And because there is only one of you in all time...  (more)

When you realize you have been  using your imagination 
backwards, everything will change... 
for the 
better than you expected!

         ~Gabriele Reign

Change happens when you 
know your mind 
and follow 
your heart.

       ~Gabriele Reign
To stay where you are, in disappointment and pain,  you continue thinking what you're thinking and feeling what you're feeling, hoping for things to change. 

Things need to be imagined before action taken. If you want to change something that has been going on for as long as the way they have, you'd better have something ready to put in its place that is an improvement.

Taking inspired action steps forward, knowing you are never alone,  and having the support you need along your way.... you are no longer trying to climb the tree without a boost!
Welcome to Expanded Soul...
To make changes in YOUR world, it is simply a matter of refocusing and reframing 
what you are thinking and feeling.  It is simple, yet it is not always easy.  
That's why I am here as your guide. Our thoughts and feels do create our world.  
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